Tutorial Videos

Here you will find online training videos that will prepare you to do statistics, use SPSS, which is one of the main statistics software programs used in the social and behavioral sciences, set up online surveys in Qualtics and recruit experimental participants through Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Online Resources

Many of these, such as the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, provide helpful overviews of experimental philosophy.  Other resources here, such as PhilPapers, provide current work on various topics in experimental philosophy.  You will also find a link to the  "New Experimental Philosophy Blog".  This is a great blog to keep up on the latest work, share your own work and connect with other researchers.


Several of the books listed here give overviews of experimental philosophy.  For a very helpful guide on experimental philosophy and experimental design and statistics, we recommend  "The Theory and Practice of Experimental Philosophy" by Justin Sytsma and Jonathan Livengood.  For a comprehensive and up to date overview of the state of the art in experimental philosophy, we recommend "Philosophy Within Its Proper Bounds" by Edouard Machery.  Other books listed are from our research group members and each engages with empirical work on a specific topic.


Two of the main conferences that feature important work in philosophy of mind and psychology, as well as work in experimental philosophy, are the Society for Philosophy and Psychology and the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology.  Click the link above for more details.

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