Lab Directors

  webshot_DR copy.png   David Rose - Lab Director
My research is mainly on the role that teleological considerations play in issues that are philosophically relevant, such as persistence, and on conceptual connections between epistemic concepts, such as knowledge and belief.
  bishop2.png   Michael Bishop- Co-Director
My work is mainly in the philosophy of psychology/mind, epistemology, and value theory.
  jack.png   James "Jack" Justus - Co-Director
My research interests include philosophy of science (esp. biology), history of analytic philosophy (esp. Carnap, Quine, and logical empiricism generally), philosophical methodology (esp. experimental philosophy), environmental philosophy, formal epistemology, and philosophy of mathematics.
  Mele.png   Alfred R. Mele - Co-Director
I am especially interested in human behavior. Topics on which I’ve written include free will, self-control, motivation, intentions, action explanation, intentional action, self-deception, personal autonomy, and moral responsibility.
  schwenkler.png   John Schwenkler - Co-Director
I have published on many topics in the philosophy of mind, such as perception and action. I’m interested in experimental philosophy as a way of bringing scientific theorizing into conversation with traditional philosophical questions. Currently, I am working toward a Ph.D. in Psychology with the support of a fellowship from the John Templeton Foundation.

Lab Members

  webshot_CK.png   Chris Kalbach - Lab Member/Admin
My primary research interest is in the Philosophy of Mind. I am interested in the folk conceptions of personal identity and how the folk attribute understanding and consciousness.
  webshot_ES copy.png   Eric Sievers - Lab Member/Admin
I am interested in the relevance of the philosophy and science of mind to the law, as well as in investigating folk conceptions of causation and blame.
    Sophia Akel - Lab Member
I’m mainly interested in research regarding the topics of free will, essentialism, and moral decision making.
  rachela.png   Rachel Amoroso - Lab Member
My research interests are feminist epistemology, testimony, and more recently, philosophy of humor. Right now, I am working on a project that attempts to map out normative assumptions underlying some of the psychology literature on humor.
  Samantha.png   Samantha Berthelette - Lab Member
My research interests include free will, moral responsibility, and political philosophy (especially philosophy of law). Most recently, I have been working on a series of experimental philosophy projects on self-deception.
  Nick.png   Nick Byrd - Lab Member
I am interested in Cognitive Science of Philosophy, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Dual-process theory, Psychometrics of reasoning, and Implicit bias.
  jorge.png   Jorge Oseguera Gamba - Lab Member
I am broadly interested in practical philosophy and currently focusing on understanding people's intuitions about well-being and what factors could determine different intuitions.
  Jernberg.png   Matthew Jernberg - Lab Member
I am interested in folk intuitions concerning normativity, the nature of the good life, and the disvalue of death.
  alexnolte.png   Alexandra Nolte - Lab Member
My primary interests are in action theory and epistemology, especially experimental epistemology. Currently, my research is focused on intention and intentional action, memory and knowledge, and peer disagreement. I also work on experimental methodology in general in the hopes of furthering the field of experimental philosophy.
    James Simpson - Lab Member
My research interests are mainly in philosophy of action, epistemology, and ethics.
  sims.png   Sam Sims - Lab Member
I work primarily on moral responsibility, free will, and cognitive science. This work includes applying the methods of experimental philosophy to these subjects.
  spitzley.png   Jay Spitzley - Lab Member
I'm interested in moral responsibility and how it relates to folk psychology. Currently, I'm investigating whether, or the extent to which, our moral responsibility intuitions are sensitive to forward-looking considerations.
  placeholder image.png   Daniel Stermer - Lab Member
My research interests include Philosophy of Action, Experimental Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind.
  matttaylor1.png   Matt Taylor - Lab Member
I’m mainly interested in topics on moral character, personal identity, and moral responsibility.
  romy2.png   Romy Vekony - Lab Member
I am mainly interested in topics in philosophy of mind, including the role of agency in attributions of understanding and the role of epistemic constraints on intentional action. I also have interests in philosophy of language and am particularly interested in theories of meaning.
  Samanthaw.png   Samantha Wakil - Lab Member
My research investigates what factors can influence someone's judgment of how much the available evidence confirms a scientific hypothesis. Specifically, I study whether and to what extent using the “theoretical virtues” — like simplicity, unification, explanatory power— as descriptors of scientific theories and hypotheses can bias our evidential evaluations.
    Emily Castella - Undergraduate Lab Member
My research interests include, but are not limited to, experimental philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of race, and ancient philosophy.

Lab Affiliates

  Wesley Head.png   Wesley Buckwalter - Affiliate
I specialize in epistemology, cognitive science, and moral psychology. I study phenomenon such as knowledge, belief, implicit bias, epistemic injustice, consciousness, neuroscientific prediction, ability, luck, morality, expertise, mental health stigma, and biases.
  Doris.png   John Doris - Affiliate
I am a Professor in the PNP program at Washington University in St. Louis. My work focuses on the intersection of cognitive science, moral psychology, and philosophical ethics.
  knobe.png   Josh Knobe - Affiliate
I am an experimental philosopher, appointed in both the Program in Cognitive Science and the Department of Philosophy. Most of my work involves using the kinds of experimental methods associated with cognitive science to address the kinds of questions associated with philosophy.
  nichols.png   Shaun Nichols - Affiliate
I am a professor in the Philosophy department at the University of Arizona. My work has focused on a wide range of issues including questions about semantic intuitions, free will, the nature of moral judgment, and a number of other key philosophical concepts.
  Machery_0.png   Edouard Machery - Affiliate
I am a philosopher of science, working primarily on the philosophical issues raised by cognitive science and neuroscience. I am also doing empirical research on moral psychology, semantics, and folk epistemology, often with a cross-cultural focus.
  stich.png   Stephen Stich - Affiliate
Much of my work has been aimed at integrating the findings and methods of the cognitive and social sciences into traditional philosophical debates. My publications include seven books, about 200 articles, and I've edited or co-edited 11 anthologies.
  Sytsma2.png   Justin Sytsma - Affiliate
I'm a philosopher in the Philosophy Programme at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. My work focuses on questions in philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, and metaphilosophy.
  Turri_head.png   John Turri - Affiliate
I’m a philosopher and cognitive scientist at the University of Waterloo. My current research focuses on social cognition and communication, using tools from philosophy and cognitive science. 
  pascale.png   Pascale Willemsen - Affiliate
I am interested in experimental moral philosophy, including topics such as moral responsibility, moral motivation, free will, and moral character. I have also published papers on the moral relevance of omissions, causal cognition, and the folk concept of lying.
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