Current Work

Thick and Thin Causal Verbs

Topic: Is "cause" a thin verb sensitive to both dependence and transference while other causal verbs e.g., "bounce" are thick and so sensitive to only transference?

Investigators: Eric Seivers, Shaun Nichols, & David Rose


Side-Effects, Epistemic Normativity, and Intentional Actions

Topic: Do facts about what an agent should have known prior to acting about the probability of the occurrence of some side-effect action influence whether the agent acted intentionally?

Investigators: Daniel Stermer



Topic: Are judgments of whether a person has survived a radical change influenced by whether the change involved moral improvement or deterioration?

Investigators: John Schwenkler, Matthew Taylor, Enoch Lambert, & Nick Byrd



Topic: Are judgments of whether a person intended to do something influenced by whether this was a good or bad thing to do?

Investigators: John Schwenkler, Paul Conway, & Bob Bishop


Teleological Essentialism and Moral Status

Topic: Does essentializing humans in terms of a telos account for thinking they have moral standing?

Investigators: Sam Sims & David Rose


Intending the Impossible and Intuitional Consistency

Topic: Do people consistently think that one can intend to do things that are impossible?

Investigators: Al Mele & David Rose


Personal Identity, Modal Distance and Framing Effects

Topic: Are judgments of personal identity more susceptible to framing effects as modal distance increases?

Investigators: Chris Kalbach, John Schwenkler, & David Rose


Self Deception and Tension

Topic: Is tension necessary for self deception?

Investigators: Samantha Berthelette & David Rose


Epistemic Constraints on Intention

Topic: What, if any, epistemic constraints are there on intentions?

Investigators: Romy Vekony, Al Mele, & David Rose


Forward-Looking Considerations and Moral Responsibility

Topic: Do forward-looking considerations affect judgments of moral responsibility?

Investigators: Jay Spitzley


Teleological Essentialism and Conceptual Autonomy

Topic: Are categories that are essentialized in terms of a telos organized hierarchically or are they autonomous?

Investigators: David Rose, Shaun Nichols, & Jonathan Weinberg


Personal Identity and Teleology (Under Review)

Topic: Does preserving or losing one’s purpose explain judgments of personal identity?

Investigators: Matthew Taylor, Chris Kalbach, & David Rose


Empirical Evidence that Knowledge Entails Justification (Under Review)

Topic: Does knowledge conceptually entail justification?

Investigators: Alexandra Nolte, David Rose, & John Turri


Agency and Understanding

Topic: What effects do agency cues have on judgments of understanding?

Investigators: Romy Vekony, David Rose, & Shaun Nichols


Knowledge and Infallibility

Topic: Is knowledge incompatible with the possibility of error?

Investigators: Alexandra Nolte, David Rose, Vilius Dranseika, & Shaun Nichols


Normativity and Causatives

Topic: Does normativity affect the use of causal verbs?

Investigators: Eric Sievers, John Schwenkler, & David Rose


Knowledge and Intentionality (Under Review)

Topic: Can you intentionally bring about an outcome without knowing or being aware that the outcome was brought about?

Investigators: Romy Vekony, David Rose, & Al Mele


Toxic Intentions (Under Review)

Topic: Are you able to intend to do something that you have no reason to do?

Investigators: David Rose, Wesley Buckwalter, & John Turri


Impossible Intentions (Under Review)

Topic: Do people think someone can intend to do things that are impossible?

Investigators: Wesley Buckwalter, David Rose, & John Turri


Deciding and Intending

Topic: What is the conceptual connection between deciding and forming an intention?

Investigators: Alexandra Nolte, David Rose, Wesley Buckwalter, & John Turri


Remembering and Knowing (Under Review)

Topic: Does remembering entail knowing?

Investigators: Alexandra Nolte & David Rose


Who Gives a 'Folk'? (UNDER REVIEW)

Topic: Are experimental results based on heuristics?

Investigators: Chris Kalbach

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