Current Work


Topic: Experimental results for folk judgments concerning the intentionality (or lack thereof) of side-effect actions—namely, whether or not the presence of epistemic obligation renders some side-effect action intentional.

Investigators: Daniel Stermer


Natural Compatibilism, Indeterminism and Intrusive Metaphysics (under review)

Topic: Experimental results indicating that intuitive indeterminism intrudes into people's representation of deterministic scenarios thus undermining classic findings supporting folk compatbilism.

Investigators: Thomas Nadelhoffer, David Rose, Wesley Buckwalter, & Shaun Nichols


Not All Causes Violate Norms (under review)

Topic: Experimental results indicating that some causal candidates that violate norms are viewed as less causal than those that conform to norms, which problematizes certain counterfactual accounts of the role of norms in causal judgment.

Investigators: John Schwenkler & David Rose


Thick and Thin Causal Verbs

Topic: Is "cause" a thin verb sensitive to both dependence and transference while other causal verbs e.g., "bounce" are thick and so sensitive to only transference?

Investigators: Eric Sievers, Shaun Nichols, & David Rose


Side-Effects, Epistemic Normativity, and Intentional Actions

Topic: Do facts about what an agent should have known prior to acting about the probability of the occurrence of some side-effect action influence whether the agent acted intentionally?

Investigators: Daniel Stermer


Norms and Personal Identity

Topic: Are judgments of whether a person has survived a radical change influenced by whether the change involved moral improvement or deterioration?

Investigators: John Schwenkler, Matthew Taylor, Enoch Lambert, & Nick Byrd


Norm and Purpose

Topic: Are judgments of whether a person intended to do something influenced by whether this was a good or bad thing to do?

Investigators: John Schwenkler, Paul Conway, & Bob Bishop


Teleological Essentialism and Moral Status

Topic: Does essentializing humans in terms of a telos account for thinking they have moral standing?

Investigators: Sam Sims & David Rose


Intending the Impossible and Intuitional Consistency

Topic: Do people consistently think that one can intend to do things that are impossible?

Investigators: Al Mele & David Rose


Personal Identity, Modal Distance and Framing Effects

Topic: Are judgments of personal identity more susceptible to framing effects as modal distance increases?

Investigators: Chris Kalbach, John Schwenkler, & David Rose


Self Deception and Tension

Topic: Is tension necessary for self deception?

Investigators: Samantha Berthelette & David Rose


Epistemic Constraints on Intention

Topic: What, if any, epistemic constraints are there on intentions?

Investigators: Romy Vekony, Al Mele, & David Rose


Forward-Looking Considerations and Moral Responsibility

Topic: Do forward-looking considerations affect judgments of moral responsibility?

Investigators: Jay Spitzley


Teleological Essentialism and Conceptual Autonomy

Topic: Are categories that are essentialized in terms of a telos organized hierarchically or are they autonomous?

Investigators: David Rose, Shaun Nichols, & Jonathan Weinberg


Personal Identity and Teleology (Under Review)

Topic: Does preserving or losing one’s purpose explain judgments of personal identity?

Investigators: Matthew Taylor, Chris Kalbach, & David Rose


Empirical Evidence that Knowledge Entails Justification (Under Review)

Topic: Does knowledge conceptually entail justification?

Investigators: Alexandra Nolte, David Rose, & John Turri


Agency and Understanding

Topic: What effects do agency cues have on judgments of understanding?

Investigators: Romy Vekony, David Rose, & Shaun Nichols


Knowledge and Infallibility

Topic: Is knowledge incompatible with the possibility of error?

Investigators: Alexandra Nolte, David Rose, Vilius Dranseika, & Shaun Nichols


Normativity and Causatives

Topic: Does normativity affect the use of causal verbs?

Investigators: Eric Sievers, John Schwenkler, & David Rose


Knowledge and Intentionality (Under Review)

Topic: Can you intentionally bring about an outcome without knowing or being aware that the outcome was brought about?

Investigators: Romy Vekony, David Rose, & Al Mele


Toxic Intentions (Under Review)

Topic: Are you able to intend to do something that you have no reason to do?

Investigators: David Rose, Wesley Buckwalter, & John Turri


Impossible Intentions (Under Review)

Topic: Do people think someone can intend to do things that are impossible?

Investigators: Wesley Buckwalter, David Rose, & John Turri


Deciding and Intending

Topic: What is the conceptual connection between deciding and forming an intention?

Investigators: Alexandra Nolte, David Rose, Wesley Buckwalter, & John Turri


Remembering and Knowing (Under Review)

Topic: Does remembering entail knowing?

Investigators: Alexandra Nolte & David Rose


Who Gives a 'Folk'? (UNDER REVIEW)

Topic: Are experimental results based on heuristics?

Investigators: Chris Kalbach

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